Oyster Fest Volunteer List 2019

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 PLEASE CHECK OUT THE VOLUNTEER SHIFTS, select the one that you can commit to and respond to Nick Palumbo at nickorerin@gmail.com to get on the list.

Saturday 10:30AM - 12:15PM Saturday 12:00PM - 3:15PM Saturday 3:00PM - 6:00PM
Seamus Mitchell (grill) Seamus Mitchell (grill) Seamus Mitchell (grill)
Antonette Tramontozzi Shane Kavanagh (grill) Brad Launer (grill)

Maria Nowina Konopka

Shannon Vanesa - Seadragon
Soila - Seadragon Christina Fahey Ana - Seadragon
EJ Alizio - Spartans Nick P (Seadragons/grill) Adrian Wilson
Jose Villatoro (grill) Elina Leandru Shannon
Shannon Jairo Ruiz Rinaldo Crassa (Lions)

Julissa Ruiz

Kai Wilson Stacy Crassa (Lions)
Taylor Hall (Explosions) Luisa Ondocin Nick P (Seadragons/grill)
Andrew Hall (Explosions) Mike Putnam Tim Leary
Kai Wilson Lisa Medina (Seadragons) Kai Wilson
Luisa Ondocin Carlos Fahey Luisa Ondocin
Mike Putnam   Mike Putnam
Peter Alizio - Spartans   David Ondocin
    John Kopacz (grill)


Sunday 10:30AM - 12:15PM Sunday 12:00PM - 3:15PM Sunday 3:00PM - 6:00PM

Matt Kelly (brats)

  Chris Launer

Teresa - Seadragon

Matt Kelly (brats) Jim Blaeser
Elias Riveria - Seadragon Ana - Seadragon Christine Launer
Jose Villatoro (grill) Shannon Shannon
Adrian Wilson (10-2) Stella Leandru Stella Leandru
Carlos Beltran Yianni Leandru Yianni Leandru
Shannon Michael Leandru Michael Leandru

Laura Cippo-Zahirovic

Nick P (Seadragons/grill) Antonette Tramontozzi
Stella Leandru Matt Kelly Nick P (Seadragons/grill)
Rinaldo Crassa (Lions) Kai Wilson Kai Wilson
Stacy Crassa (Lions) Luisa Ondocin Luisa Ondocin
Matt Kelly Vas Meyers Kristen Werner
Carlos Guerrero (warriors) Mercy Meyers David Ondocin
Kai Wilson    
Luisa Ondocin    
Brett Varjas - Stingrays    

Alycia Blaeser