Inter-Club Developmental League (ICDL)

Updated Tuesday September 3, 2019 by OBEN Webmaster.

Intramural Inter-club Developmental League (ICDL) for 2012/2013 Boys and Girls


First and second-grade boys and girls (born is the years 2012 and 2013) registering to play for the OBEN Soccer club will be playing in the Intramural Interclub Developmental League created by Gold Coast.  Registration for Fall is closed


Teams will consist of approximately 7-10 players and compete against other local North Shore intramural clubs that are being trained by the Gold Coast FC trainers.  These games will be held at different times over the weekend.  The cost to join is $285/season which includes 1 practice a week and 1 game a week for 8 weeks.  


These games are designed to be 100% developmental in nature, whilst still offering a competitive edge!  Gold Coast trainers will use the games to teach the kids about the basic in-game techniques such as corner kicks, throw-ins, goal kicks etc.  However, they will not stop every error as it is still important that each game has an ebb and flow.  At this age and level, it is very likely that there will be an endless amount of errors and mistakes.  If they were to stop and correct each one, it would suck the fun out of the game and be dull for parents and players alike.  Therefore, they will be calling/correcting blatant errors, but not all errors.  For example, a close offside call may be left to run unless it was deemed developmentally appropriate to stop and fix.  For the most part, Gold Coast trainers will be on the field helping the kids to keep their team shapes and guide them through their decision-making aspects whilst on the field. 


Below is some basic information from Michael Todd (owner of Gold Coast FC) on the league and how we plan to operate. 

League Structure

5v5 (4 outfield and 1 GK)

Small sided JSS field

20 minutes per half

Two trainers on the field in-lieu of one referee

Trainers will instruct and manage the games

No tables or scorekeeping

PC at games