UpdatedWednesday July 31, 2019 byOBEN Soccer Club.

Parental support and involvement in the team are essential. If your son/ daughter is selected and chooses to commit to our team, your commitment is also necessary. Parents must see to it players attends all possible team functions (practices, meetings, games, etc). There will be times conflict cannot be avoided. Our team requires your communication, planning and understanding so we can minimize conflicts. When parents or players have an unavoidable conflict, we expect timely communication to see if the team can make any necessary adjustments.

Our team’s first concern is for the long-term growth and development of your kid’s soccer abilities under pressure. There will be times Coaches make decisions and players are instructed to do things parent will not understand. Player development will some times be given a greater priority than winning. Remember playing only to win without taking healthy team and player development into account will not result in a solid foundation.

Our coaches believe in and teach players the benefit of having mental power to guide their intense focus on the game of soccer. We will instruct your son/daughter to ignore adverse conditions such as bad referee calls, name calling, foul language, rough play, cheating, poor weather, negative behavior by parents or opponents etc… We expect our parents to have this same mental Power.


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