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UpdatedWednesday July 31, 2019 byOBEN Soccer Club.

OBEN Coachs,

Volunteering to coach youth soccer is a difficult  position that can sometimes be overwhelming. The success of the season and the amount of progress our kids achieve depend largely upon how well the team is run.

For the coach this can be a difficult and daunting task. Good team management, communication between parents, players, club, director and trainers is the answer to making life easier and less stressful. It leads to a smoother running, more rewarding season. The head coach is like a CEO of a company. Just as a CEO must organize, plan, communicate, staff, direct and control, a head coach must do these same things. In this web site we try to help  to properly manage and coach the team for a fun, successful season for the coaches, players and parents.

Thank You For Volunteering.