OBEN Coaches - Code of Conduct

  1. All coaches, at least once per week, are required to submit their training evaluation online.
  2. All coaches must be on time, visible and available to all players, parents and trainers.
  3. All coaches must dress in proper practice attire (OBEN shirts, Jackets etc.)
  4. Coaches are responsible for the safety of each player.
  5. Under no circumstances should any player be left unsupervised on the field. 

All of OBEN Soccer Coaches are expected to abide by the following codes, policies and procedures. 

Overall Goals of OBEN Coaches

  1. Teach each player how the lessons from soccer can be applied to their lives.
  2. To prepare each player to successfully recognize and solve the challenges of the game.
  3. Improve each player’s technical, tactical, physical and psychological dimensions of soccer, along with their work-ethic and discipline to move them to the next level. 
  4. Provide a fun, safe, and competitive environment in which the kids can play and learn.


  • Candidates who are interested in becoming an OBEN Coach can email us at obensoccerclub@gmail.com
  • All candidates must complete NYS Risk Management Background Check.
  • If there are more coaches interested for the same team than spots available then “Coaches Committee” evaluates the candidates to select head and assistant coaches.
    • Minimum required coaching certification for OBEN Teams
      • Intramural to U10  LIJS “C” License
      • U11 to U14  LIJS “B” License
      • U15 to U18 LIJSL “A” License

*Please note our Gold Coast trainers for ICDL and travel have these certifications. Parents who are volunteering need not have these. But there are online quick courses they must complete as well as a background check. 

Practice Sessions & Training

  • Starting day for season training determined by the Training Coordinator. Coaches can start practice with their team without a trainer any time they would like before season training start.
  • Training day, time and location will be determined by Training coordinator coaches can request  preferred day, time and location but final decision made by Training Coordinator.
  • Under no circumstances may coaches be allowed to change training day, time or location without Training Coordinator approval.
  • It is the coach’s responsibility to notify the team, trainer and Trainer Coordinator of a cancellation of the session.
  • The Director of Coaching and Training staff will design general training sessions to address the most pertinent needs of the age group. But ultimately the head coaches’ responsibility is to notify and inform the trainer for the team needs by what he/she sees at the game.
  • Any coaches that have any concerns/ problem with a trainer, training session or session plan and progress should directly contact the Director of Coaching.
  • All teams are required to have two training sessions with a trainer. Extenuating circumstances, with an approval coaches committee, some teams may practice only one time with a trainer.
  • Any coaches that would like to practice with their team in addition to two training sessions with the trainer can do so with an approval time, space and location by the Training Coordinator. If that affects the training attendance then the coaches committee can terminate the additional practices.

Combine or Individual Team Training Sessions

  • Any coaches that can have 90% attendance of their team roster to participate in training sessions are eligible to have an individual trainer for their team.
  • If your roster is 14 you need minimum 12 players for the session.
  • If your roster is 18 you need minimum 16 players for the session.
  • Team needs to maintain their attendance at an acceptable level for individual training sessions, if attendance is under acceptable level two or more than the team will be combined with the proper age group for a training session. Trainers submit their training evaluation with attendance after every training session.
  • Coaches need to communicate the importance of participating in training sessions to team parents.
  • Any age group U15 and up with one team, eligible to have individual trainers regardless of attendance. But if there are two or more teams of the same age group than attendance rules apply to all the teams in the age group.
  • Coaches with the team combined training session must be with their team all the time and participate in the training session.
  • The team with combined training must be participate the combine training first 2/3 of the session than if coaches preferred they can practice last 1/3 of the training session with their team individually (90 min session, team must train with the trainer first 60 minutes, than coaches can pull out their team player to practice last 30 minutes) There are no exceptions to this rule.

Playing Time

  • In OBEN Intramural Program All players, regardless of practice attendance or performance are entitled to receive a certain amount of playing time:
    • In OBEN Travel Program U9-U14 Players will receive a fair amount of playing time which may be affected by players
    • Minimum playing time for U15 and up is 1/3 of the game.
    • Goalkeepers are exempt from the minimum playing time rule.

Tournament & Off Season League

  • OBEN Soccer Club, encourage all the teams to participate in as many tournaments and/or off season league they can. 
  • Tournament budget will be determined for each team by treasurer and board and will be available for each team. If the available fund cannot cover an event for the team, then it is the coach’s responsibility to ask the team parents or fundraise for the event.
  • If there are two or more teams for the same age group, the team may invite any players from the other team with the head coach’s approval to any tournament.
  • Team cannot invite any player to play up for any tournament.
  • If there are not enough OBEN players for the tournament then the team can invite any player from another club but the player must have a LIJSL pass.


  • Players will be notified by the head coach their position on the team. This will be general at first and will become more detailed as the season progresses. (Defense, offense, Mid, Right, left Attack, hold etc.)
  • Positions for some players may change throughout the year or during the game as the coaches deems necessary in order to serve the best interest of the team as different demands or situations arise.
  • Head coach will appoint at least two players before every game as the team captains. Coaches must be sure that at the end of the season each player has had the opportunity to be the team captain.

Tactical Philosophy

  • Each team coach will determine the system and style of play that best suits the players’ abilities to achieve team and individual goals. The Director of Coaching may suggest a style/formation for the team but ultimately the team coaches’ decision is the final.
  • OBEN Club encourages all the coaches to teach every team three main styles (Formation) during one or more seasons. (3-4-3, 4-4-2, 4-3-3)