Inter-Club Development League (ICDL)

Inter-Club Development League, U7-U8

The Inter-Club Development League (ICDL) (First and Second graders) is truly unique and remarkably effective Development Program that makes full use of on-field time with a professional soccer training staff, Gold Coast FC.

Our teams are coached on-field in real time whilst competing against neighboring Community Clubs.

Younger children learn in specific ways and respond differently to instruction. Rather than shouts from the sidelines, the coaches move around the field advising individually and offering visual reminders to our burgeoning Soccer Stars!

The Success of this model of teaching/learning simply cannot be argued or matched. This approach to guided learning makes sense in so many ways and the results are clear for everybody to see.

Due to the unpredictable and unreliable nature of the Local Division systems, in which the Win-At-All-Costs mentality prevails to the detriment of all of the children’s development, the ICDL model should really be utilized until U9.