Intramural (Pre-K & K) Rules

The Field

1.1. Intramural games shall be played and practices will be held only on fields designated for the Intramural program.

1.2. Fields shall be 15 yards by 30 yards marked by cones/flags, with goals set up and dismantled at each game day.

The Ball

2.1. The Pre-K and Kindergarten divisions use a size 3 ball.

Number of Players

3.1. The coaches shall agree at the start of each game whether to have three or four players on the field at each time.

3.2. There are no goalies.

3.3. Coaches may agree to borrow players during a game as necessary to let the players have a 3v3 or 4v4 game.


4.1. All players must have cleats and shin guards to play.

4.2. All players should bring their own ball.

4.3. All players should wear the OBEN-issued uniform.

Game Play

5.1. There are no referees.  Coaches are allowed on the field to help play continue.

5.2. No throw ins or corner kicks. Maintain the flow of play as continuously as possible, stopping for goals and time outs.

5.3. Time of Play: Both teams have 20 minutes to warm up and then play roughly two 15 minute halves, with five minute breaks before the game and at halftime.

5.4. All players should receive equitable playing time.

5.5. All spectators must abide by the Code of Conduct at all times.

5.6. All players shall be encouraged to line up and shake hands at the end of the game.


6.1. Coaches are parent volunteers. Only parents who have completed the OBEN risk management process may be coaches.