OBEN Player - Code of Conduct

The game of Soccer is about relying on one another; and no one individual player can make a soccer team successful. Everything done on the soccer field is all team efforts and must be approached that way. But, each player has a role and responsibilities to their team and will be accountable for their own actions. As a member of Oyster Bay East Norwich Soccer Club, you are responsible for your own performance and conduct. Hard work, discipline, communication, and reliability will be expected at all times.


  1. Players will be notified as to what the coaches feel your best position on the team will be
  2. This will be general at first and will become more detailed as the season progresses
  3. Positions for some players may change throughout the year as the coaches deems necessary in order to serve the best interest of the team as different demands or situations arise or for developmental purposes.

Playing Time

  1. Playing time policies & procedures will be discussed by coaching staff at the season beginning 1st Team Meeting.

Practice Sessions

  1. Coaching staff /Trainer will design training sessions to address the most pertinent needs of the teams
  2. All players are required to attend every practice and be on time.
  3. Players must be dressed and ready 15 min before practice starting time.
  4. Any player who misses a practice will face consequences at coach’s discretion
  5. Any player, who misses the practice w/o timely communicating to the coach, cannot start the next game and playing time will be determined at the coach’s discretion.

Practice Attire

  1. Training attire will be discussed at the 1st team meeting, Color T shirt, spikes/cleats, shin guards, hair-ties, and removal of all jewelry and/or piercings.
  2. At no time will a player wear a game jersey to practice.
  3. Failure to adhere to these rules will result in practice suspension;


  1. Players will buy Team uniforms for their own personal use for the game.
  2. It is the player’s responsibility to be properly attired for all games including: jersey, shorts, socks, complete warm-up, spikes/cleats, shin guards, hair-ties, and removal of all jewelry and/or piercings
  3. Green, White or Black are the colors that players may wear under their jerseys.


  1. All players are required to attend every game in uniform on time.
  2. Any player unprepared on game day will face consequences at the coach’s discretion.
  3. Players must arrive at least thirty (30) minutes before home and forty-five (45) minutes for away games.
  4. Players must inform the coaches 24 hrs. Before the game time. If they need to ride from/to a game.
  5. Parents/guardians must be visible to coaches before leaving with their daughter/son after the game.

Before the Games

  1. All players go on the half of the field designated to their team.
  2. All players do warm-up drills prepared by the coaches.
  3. At no time may the players change, create or move the warm-up drills without the coach clearance.
  4. If team has only one keeper coach may assign a field player to work with keeper

During the Games

  1. All substituting players must sit on the benches and focus on the game.
  2. At no time players can leave the bench without the coach clearance.
  3. At no time may players on the bench talk/yell to opponent players or refs.
  4. Cell phones and any music devices used during games are prohibited.

Yellow/Red Cards Issued

  1. Players issued a yellow card will be out of the game at least 15 min.
  2. Players who accumulate (2) yellow cards, issued 2nd yellow card during the same season will not play the following game.
  3. Players who are issued a red card will not play the next game.
  4. Players who accumulate 5 yellow and/or red cards will be reviewed by the Director of Coaching for consideration of a longer suspension or possible dismissal from the team.